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Doctoral Program in Industrial and Systems Engineering (DPISE)

The DPISE was designed and structured in order to provide advanced higher education by promoting high quality research in the areas of Industrial and Systems Engineering. In this context, the general aim of the DPISE is to produce highly qualified professionals who are able to contribute to the competitiveness and sustainability of industrial products and services. The objective is for these professionals to acquire and develop advanced scientific skills in order to design, model, and manage complex systems. The targeted scientific domain of this doctoral program is the study of complex engineering systems. It aims at producing a new generation of specialists and researchers who are able, in a systematic way, to design innovative solutions of/to integrated product systems with higher added value and/or that allow them to climb their international value chain.

The DPISE was thus designed to bring PhD researchers to the cutting edge of knowledge in several areas of Industrial and Systems Engineering, helping industries and services to become competitive and sustainable.

The DPISE’s structure and curricula combine high quality research and innovative course contents with the objective of producing human resources who will be able to support new competitive models for industry.

The DPISE is supported by ALGORITMI research center providing enough critical mass, composed by young and experienced research members.

Expertise areas in the domains of Production and Systems: Industrial and Systems Management / Economic Engineering / Optimization and Operational Research / Human Engineering / Numerical Methods and Applied Statistics.

Research center: Supporting center Algoritmi

Coordinator: Professor Paula Ferreira (paulaf@dps.uminho.pt)

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