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Master's in Engineering Project Management (MGPE)


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A3ES Acreditation
On February 20 of 2014, the Assessment and Accreditation Agency for Higher Education (A3ES) decided to unconditionally accredit MGPE, for a period of 5 years, in accordance with the recommendation and justification compiled by the corresponding External Evaluation Committee. More information on the reports compiled by A3ES.

Students who successfully finish the curricular part of the program are entitled to the following certificates: 
Advanced training degree certificate in Engineering Project Management.
This certificate is issued by University of Minho.

Preparation for Level D certification by APOGEP (or Level C if the candidate holds the minimum requirements for admission)
 Preparation for the certification Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM)® of PMI (or Project Management Professional (PMP)® if the candidate holds the minimum requirements for admission).
The conclusion the curricular section and the dissertation grants the degree of Master in Engineering Project Management.
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Brief description
The Master's in Engineering Project Management (MGPE) aims to educate professionals to take action in high-complexity engineering projects of with different profiles within the scope of technological implementation and development proceedings management. The training proposed by the MGPE makes it possible to specialise in three fields of Engineering projects: Industrial Engineering (projects within the scope of the processing industry, manufacturing industry and services), Information Systems (projects within the scope of information technologies and information systems) and Building (civil engineering buildings and public works). Training on MGPE provides competent and scientifically valid action within the scope of Engineering projects, balancing scientific and technological knowledge of the area of expertise with the capacity to plan, control and manage its execution in a cost-effective manner and with adequate quality levels.

MGPE is a teaching project that brings together three departments of the School of Engineering (Department of Production and Systems, Department of Information Systems and Department of Civil Engineering), gathering the human resources and available know-how of the three departments on the areas covered by the master, with this interdisciplinarity considered a great asset on the field of Project Management.
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Career prospects
The main goal of the Master's in Engineering Project Management is to qualify students with sound expertise so to participate on and manage engineering projects in general, with a special emphasis on the projects of the following areas:

  • Industrial Engineering (projects on the processing industry, manufacturing industry and services).
  • Information Systems (projects on information technologies and information systems).
  • Building (buildings and public works of civil engineering

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Awards and Scholarships
Find information about: scholarships and awards, social emergency fund, academic merit scholarships, excellence grants and other scholarships and awards on the following link: Scholarship and Awards.
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Place: UMinho, Escola de Engenharia, Campus de Azurém, Guimarães
Schedule:  alunos.uminho.pt.









Course load: 18 hours per week
daytime and after working hours
Duration: 2 years
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Carina Freitas – mgpe@eng.uminho.pt  (+351) 253 510 219
Office: CA-02-02-46-41

Directive Committee
Pedro Ribeiro (DIRECTOR) – pmgar@dsi.uminho.pt
Anabela Pereira Tereso – anabelat@dps.uminho.pt
José Manuel Teixeira Cardosos  – jct@civil.uminho.pt 

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