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Associação Académica da UMinho (AAUM)
The Students’ Union of The University of Minho (AAUM) was created in 1977 and it is managed by students, for students. The AAUM has several departments: cultural, administrative, IT, leisure, sports and career prospects, among others.
It also organizes several events throughout the academic year. In addition to concerts, exhibitions, theatre and weekly cinema sessions, there are music, dance, theatre and other groups, performing throughout the entire academic year. AAUM is also responsible for the academic festivities of the “Enterro da Gata”.

The Alumni Association of the University of Minho is a representative and community structure for the UMinho Alumni. It was created to represent and stimulate the University of Minho’s alumni community. The alumni community currently boasts over 25.000 graduates, found all over the country and abroad, in different professional and social positions and which add value to Portuguese society.

Núcleo Alumni Engenharia e Gestão Industrial da UMinho (AlumniEGIUM)
The AlumniEGIUM was created in July 2005 and it represents the industrial engineering and management graduate students. It is located at DPS Azurém.
ASQBranch @Portugal UMinho
Núcleo de estudantes em Portugal da Sociedade Americana de Qualidade – Student Branch of the American Society of Quality (ASQ).

Núcleo de Estudantes de Engenharia e Gestão Industrial da UMinho (NEEGIUM)
The Student union of Industrial Engineering and management (NEEGIUM) is the representative structure for the MIEGI student’s degree. It was formally created in 2010 and it is located at DPS Azurém.

The NEEGIUM promotes a voluntary service from students to ERASMUS students. This service tries to help in a personal base, any student from ERASMUS that is in any course of DPS. The voluntary student will try to help with homework and English material on the subject.

ESTIEM is the organisation of the European Students of Industrial Engineering and Management.
At the 55th council meeting of ESTIEM, at Poland, April 2017, the NEEGIUM was finally accepted as an official member of ESTIEM and in this way, the UMinho and NEEGIUM become members of the biggest European student organization.
We are the ESTIEM Local Group Minho. Welcome and join us!

ERASMUS Student Network (ESN)
ERASMUS Student Network (ESN) is a non-profit international student organisation. Our mission is
to represent international students, thus provide opportunities for cultural understanding and selfdevelopment under the principle of Students Helping Students.
ESN Minho
ESN Minho is the section of the ERASMUS Student Network in both Campi of Minho University: Braga and Guimarães. ESN Minho is a non-profit organization composed by voluntary members active since September 2011. In July of 2012, it became part of the ERASMUS Student Network.
The international students play an important role in the definition, preparation and implementation
of the activities. Feel free to integrate our team!

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