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In order to increase the visibility of the DPISE research projects, the Coordination Committee (CC) of the program decided to establish, from January 2019 onwards, a publication award for those students publishing high-quality scientific papers under the scope of their PhD projects.
The main goal is twofold, to foster the dissemination but also to support the publication of papers in high-quality scientific journals, as measured by their corresponding impact factors or similar indicators.


To establish the procedure to assign the awards, the following procedures/rules should be considered:

  • The award only applies to papers published in high-quality journals, i.e., belonging to Quartiles 1 or 2 in Web of Knowledge or Q1 in Scopus/ScImago;
  • All the awards will be compiled and announced at the beginning of each year, mid-January. The awards will be paid after that and publically delivered at the DPISE workshop, which is usually held on May every year;
  • The award will be paid in full or partial payment for registrations in conference(s) and/or training course(s) in areas relevant to the PhD project (this should be confirmed by the supervisor) up to a maximum of € 500 per published paper;
  • The award is only for those students who have participated (or presented by skype) in the previous DPISE workshop;
  • The claiming PhD student has to be the first author, the work has to be related to the PhD project, the student’s affiliation should mention “Algoritmi research centre, University of Minho”, and the supervisor(s) listed as co-author(s);
  • The award is only assigned when the publication is finally published (electronic publication is valid for this purpose);
  • The award is only valid for papers submitted as students, i.e., papers submitted after the thesis examination will no longer be eligible to claim these awards;
  • There is no need to previously apply to the awards, but students need to claim it, by informing the CC by email of the publication of the paper(s), and by attaching the confirmation of the editor and a pdf file with published paper.

For further question and clarifications: alexf@dps.uminho.pt
Web of Knowledge database (JCR): http://jcr.incites.thomsonreuters.com/
Scopus journals database (ScImago): https://www.scimagojr.com

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