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Integrated masters degrees
MIEGI - Integrated Master's in Industrial Management and Engineering

Master degrees / specialization
MEGQ - Master's in Engineering and Quality Management
MEH - Master's in Human Engineering
MEI - Master's in Industrial Engineering | Project and Innovation Management and Evaluation
MEI - Master's in Industrial Engineering | Industrial Management
MEI - Master's in Industrial Engineering | Logistics and Distribution
MEI - Master's in Industrial Engineering | Quality, Safety and Maintenance
MES - Master's in System Engineering
MGPE -  Master's in Engineering Project Management

PhD degrees
DPISE - Doctoral Program in Industrial and Systems Engineering
DPOSIS - PhD Optimization of Services and Industrial Systems
PDLIT - Doctoral Program in Leaders for Technical Industries 
PDSAEI - Doctoral Program in Advanced Engineering Systems for Industry

Advanced studies
Specialised studies programes
Lean Manufacturing (annual)
Optimization Applied to Sciences and Engineering
Engineering - Environmental Energy Project’s Assessment
Engineering - Science, Technology, Innovation and Development
Engenharia de Sistemas - Gestão Estratégica e Bases de Dados
Systems Engineering - Logistics and Systems Analysis
Systems Engineering - Production Simulation and Management
Engenharia de Sistemas - Sistemas de Informação e Fabrico Assistido por Computador
Engineering - Multivariate Statistics
Engineering - Cost Management
Engineering - Innovation Strategic Management
Engineering - Experiment Planning​
Eco-Sustainable Management of Production Systems

Advanced studies programes
Emergent Techniques in Optimization​
Numerical Computation in Engineering
Engineering - Cost Management in New Product Development
Engineering - Project Assessment Practices
Engineering - Cost Management Practices

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