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Seminars - Quality Management 

Seminars about Quality Management, Continual Improvement and Organizational Excellence

Universidade do Minho, Campus de Gualtar, Braga

27 de Fevereiro 2020, 14h-17h, Edifício 3, Anfiteatro 0.08.



The purpose of these lectures is to give inspiration, knowledge and ideas about how to succeed with quality, continual improvements and reach organizational excellence. We will share some of our most important experiences and give you a road map towards success.


Lecture 1: Reaching Excellence through quality and continual improvements

During the first lecture we will introduce you to a modern quality work and give you understanding about what this can give to your organization. We will present different quality methods and concepts and show you the links to customer satisfaction, excellence and sustainability. We will share our experience from working with thousands of companies and organizations in many different countries since 1971. You will learn how to integrate quality management systems with continual improvement programs and how to develop a quality committed leadership. We will also focus on how to build a quality culture in the entire organization and how to involve all employees.


Lecture 2: How to build an improvement process that creates customer value!

During the second lecture we will focus on how to build a successful program for continual improvements that reduce poor quality costs and build customer satisfaction. We will discuss how to integrate improvement work in business planning and organization strategy. We will explain how to organize the improvement work with clear roles and competence. Concepts like Six Sigma and Lean are presented and we discuss how to use effective methodology and tools to solve problems and develop effective processes. Focus will also be on the development of a result-oriented leadership grounded in fact-based improvement work.


Registration: please send an e-mail to excellencecenter@sandholm.se by February 24, indicating “Registration for the University of Minho Seminars”.



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