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English classes 1st semester 2018/19 

UMinho is one of the youngest universities of Portugal and its first degrees were created almost 40 years ago. The production and systems area was one of the first created at that time to sup-port the Engineering Curricula, mainly the Production Engineering degree. The Department of Production and Systems (DPS) has been growing and, at the moment, we can offer you one PhD (the oldest in Portugal) and seven Master Degrees. The DPS staff is responsible for almost two hundred curricular units in the different areas of Industrial Engineering Management.
For courses formally taught in Portuguese, there might be the possibility to have access to bibliography, course materials, tutorial support and assessment in English. There is the option to develop research/project work with supervision in English or in a common language between the student and the tutor. Students should contact the teachers once they arrive in order to check/agree on these possibilities.
For the first semester, there are some specific study areas with lectures offered in English as presented below:


1Economics for Engineering (5 ECTS)
Code: 6517

Topics of economics: supply and demand, determinants, equilibrium, elasti-city, theory of production, market structures. Economic selection of alternati-ves: financial mathematics, equipment selection, investment appraisal. Cost accounting and management: fundamentals on costs, classification, producti-on costs, cost volume-profits analysis, joint costs, work in progress, costing systems, cost management practices.

2Ergonomics and Occupational Health and Safety (5 ECTS)
Code: 6515

Introduction to Ergonomics. Approach to ergonomic workstations. Occupatio-nal biomechanics. Quantification of risk associated with conducting activities handling of loads. Physical work environment. Exposure to noise. Exposure to extreme thermal environments. Thermal comfort. Characterization of lighting conditions. Identification, definition and selection of measures of collective and individual protection. Chemical contaminants. Concept of work accident. Statistics of industrial accidents. Risk analysis. Applicable legislation. Organi-zation of activities of Safety and Occupational Health.

3Experimental Statistics and Operational Research (7,5 ECTS)
Code: 6513

Introduction. Descriptive Statistics. Probability and probability distributions. Confidence Intervals and Hypothesis Testing. Contingency Tables. Analysis of Variance. Regression and Correlation. Non Parametric Statistics. Introduction to Operational Research. Linear and integer programming models for optimi-zation problems. Exact solution methods: simplex, branch-and-bound, cutting planes. Sensitivity analysis in linear programming. Introduction to constructi-ve and local search heuristics. Applications: location, transportation and distribution, project scheduling, resources assignment, production planning. Use of software: spreadsheets.

4Operations Management (7,5 ECTS)
Code: 6514

Introduction to operations management and its general concepts. Integrated logistics. Methodologies of analysis for logistics systems. Design and redefini-tion of logistics systems. Distribution management. Orders management and storage. Transport management and planning. Introduction to production systems and production performance measures. Introduction to production planning and control: (1) Aggregate Production Planning, and (2) Master Production Scheduling. Material and capacity requirements planning. "Just-In-Time" concepts and strategies and Lean production.

5Quality Management (5 ECTS)
Code: 6516

Quality: concept, perspectives and dimensions. Quality Function: main activi-ties and interconnections. Total Quality Management: principles, philosophy and contributions of gurus. Excellence Models (EFQM and PEX). Quality circles. Quality costs.

Teaching Staff

1Jorge Cunha Director of the Master of Industrial Engineering, Assistant Professor

2Nelson Costa Assistant Professor

3Filipe Alvelos Associate Professor

3Lino Costa Representative of ESPI, Associate Professor

4Sameiro Carvalho Associate Professor

4Dinis Carvalho Associate Professor with Habilitation

5Paulo Sampaio Vice-Dean of School of Engineering, Associate Professor

September—January Tuesday and Thrusday 13:00 to 21:00

Academic Coordinator Senhorinha Teixeira st@dps.uminho.pt
Carla Rocha
carla@dps.uminho.pt www.dps.uminho.pt

Internacional Relations Office
+351 253 510 169
sri@sri.uminho.pt alunos.uminho.pt www.uminho.pt

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